Client privacy policy – Electrical Solutions

Your Privacy Matters to Us. This is a document to inform you of how and why we collect data from our clients, what we do with it and your rights as an individual to know exactly what data we hold about you. Who are we? The registered name of our company is Proklec Ltd, Company…

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Electric Supply to Garden

Need electrics to your summer house

Is an electric supply to the garden what you have always wanted? Are you fed up with having to fit an extension lead that trails down the side of the lounge or kitchen and up through the window when ever you want to mow the lawn? Worse still, when you have the same extension lead…

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What is an RCD and why do I need one?

What is an RCD | Electrical Solutions

An RCD – Residual Current Device – is a super safety switch that switches off as soon as it registers any difference or ‘spike’ in the flow of electrical current. An RCD can be triggered by something as simple as a light bulb blowing, an appliance that has just switched on which may have a…

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What to expect when you have a rewire.

Relax in your home

Electrical Rewire – What to expect    –  10 Top Tips on how to survive 1: Have a clear idea of what you want from your electrical rewire When we come to quote you for an electrical rewire, try to have a clear idea of what you want. Forget what is there now and imagine…

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Electrics Tripping How to sort it out

Electrics Tripping | Electrical Solutions

My Electrics are tripping – How can I sort it out? 1. When your electrics trip first check – Is there a power cut in your area? Electrics tripping mean that often our first thought is ‘Power Cut’ when we are plunged into darkness on a winter’s evening.  It may not be the first to come…

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How to Save Electricity – But Stay Warm

How to Save Electricity (but stay warm) | Electrical Solutions Ltd

How to save Electricity (but stay warm) Here are some handy tips to help you save electricity, and therefore money, on your electric bill but still keep warm. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to save electricity and money on their electric bill? – and most of us want to save electricity to help save…

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